Experience Horizon presents an opportunity for you to try out some outputs from our research and provides information on up and coming events that you may be interested in attending. We’d really like to know what you think, so please leave your feedback and if there’s something you really enjoy, please share it with your friends so that they can try it out too! Some of the Experience Horizon content may not work on all platforms or devices and may have some glitches. If something looks broken, please let us know by via the ‘Contact us’ facility.

Quest for the Silver Goblet App

Quest for the Silver Goblet is a simple app developed during Horizon’s Co-Production Campaign project ‘Storytelling: Grow Your Own Adventure’.

Listen to the story, make choices and carry out the activities suggested by the narrator.  You can listen to the story on a computer, table or smartphone via this link

Instructions for Quest for the Silver Goblet


RRI Prompt & Practice Cards

This card based tool has been developed by the hoRRIzon project and is for use with different types of stakeholders who are involved on a single project to facilitate dialogue and support equal contribution encouraging multiple perspectives towards design, conduct and deployment of responsible research and innovation.

Cards can also be accessed via the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS) Hub website here.



Moral IT and Legal IT Decks

These physical cards are a responsible research and innovation tool created to enable structured reflection on legal, ethical, technical and social implications of new information technologies.

They are the latest development in our research at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute into the role of physical card-based tools in translating law and ethical principles into more accessible forms for design teams. Inspired by legislative changes, such as the new General Data Protection Regulation, we recognise the need to build legal compliance into technologies by design and default. High profile scandals of data misuse have increased calls for technologies to be developed in more ethically sound ways too. We feel that practical tools for actually doing this and bringing wider values into IT design are lacking. These cards seek to address this gap, by supporting engagement with legal and ethical concepts through a process of translation into a more accessible form.

Our Legal-IT deck translates five complex European legal frameworks that aim to ensure data protection and cybersecurity for data driven technologies. We present the relevant rights, principles, definitions and responsibilities within the: EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016; EU Draft e-Privacy Regulation 2017; EU Network and Information Security Directive 2016; Cybercrime Convention 2001; and Attacks Against Information Systems Directive 2013.

The cards are publicly available as downloadable PDFs which you can print off or send to a professional printer. We would really like to build up dialogue on who you are, how you are using the cards, why and any feedback you have on the tool/process. Please send these on to lachlan.urquhart@gmail.com.

To widen access to these decks and associated tools (e.g. process board) are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-SA). These decks have been designed by Dr Lachlan Urquhart and Dr Peter Craigon at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute. The photos used in the Moral-IT deck are all royalty and attribution free, sourced on Pixabay. Some of the graphics used in the Legal-IT deck are purchased via a Noun Project subscription.

Downloadable Content (all subject to the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license below)

Click for Moral-IT Deck.

Click for Legal-IT Deck.

Click for Prototype ‘process board’ for the impact assessment.

Artcodes apps via Google Play and Apple

Artcodes can be located via Google Play and the App Store:

Work My Way – Need help getting the right amount of breaks in your day – work your way.

Production –Companion app to the PRODUCTION program.

Databox – For managing your databox

Hybrid Gifting – Create hybrid digital-physical gifts.

All Aboard for Rushden – In 1911 a porter, who was moving a mail bag across a railway line with other luggage on a truck, did not notice that an express goods train was due to pass through the station until the last moment! He then hurried forward to escape it, and in doing so the mail-bag was jolted from the truck on to the line. The train went over it and mutilated several of the letters. We need your help! Scan visual markers, placed around Rushden, with your camera to recover the letters and reveal pieces of Rushden’s history.

Artcodes via App Store

UnBias Fairness Toolkit

The ‘Fairness Toolkit’ has been developed for UnBias by Giles Lane and his team at Proboscis, with the input of young people and stakeholders. It aims to promote awareness and stimulate a public civic dialogue about how algorithms shape online experiences and to reflect on possible changes to address issues of online unfairness. The tools are not just for critical thinking, but for civic thinking – supporting a more collective approach to imagining the future as a contrast to the individual atomising effect that such technologies often cause. The toolkit consists of a facilitator booklet, a set of awareness cards,  TrustScapes, Metamap, Participant Worksheets and Stakeholder Worksheets.




VisitorBox is a free toolkit based around a set of playing cards for cultural heritage institutions who need to know how technology might help them to achieve their visitor engagement goals.

To use VisitorBox you need:

To get the most from VisitorBox you can also join the VisitorBox Community where you can store your ideas and access other helpful digital resources.



Growing Data Ideation Worksheets and Cards

The Growing Data project was a collaboration with Royal College of Art to explore the concept of using plant growth as a means to store and display data.

Growing data ideation cards and worksheets.

Growing Data PD worksheets and cards by Horizon Digital Economy Research is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Artcodes Christmas Advent Calendar

The Horizon Artcodes project team and the Mixed Reality Lab worked with artist Alice Angus and Proboscis to produce a unique augumented reality Christmas Advent Calendar.

This beautifully illustrated, freestanding advent calendar, is traditional in style yet features innovative scannable Artcodes that open digital content. It is fun, customisable, and interactive, designed to use with the Christmas with Artcodes app.

The calendar comes with 24 Artcode stickers you can allocate to any of the doors. Scan them using the Christmas with Artcodes ‘app’ to open photos, videos and other media. Personalise by adding your own digital photographs or links to websites, and share with your family or friends.

Christmas With Artcodes requires iOS 8+ or Android 4.0.3+.

For more information on how to obtain calendars, please email Horizon Digital Economy Research or phone our office on 0115 8232554


5Rights Youth Juries Open Educational Resource

The 5Rights Youth Juries Open Educational Resource has been developed for and with educators.  Licensed with Creative Commons, it can be adapted as much or as little as required.  You are welcome to publish a re-mixed version, we simply ask for acknowledgement.